Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Basket Ball

Today we had our last day of basketball with coach Steph but this time what we did was have a real game of basketball but first we had a warm up first our warm up was running to the park and back but it was kind of tiring to run to the park and back. After we finished doing our warm up what we did was play a game that we have to try get the basketball on the netball hoop. Next we went and started a different game where we go and get five people or a random number for people but first we get maybe 3 or 2 people to run to the ball and the other team has to try to get there before the other team get the ball. When we started playing the game it felt really awesome and exciting and tiring but we still kept playing. After the game Room 10 had a very fun  time playing basketball

and it was really fun playing it we had lots of fun.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Zoo Trip

On Friday Room 10 went to a trip to the zoo.When we got there we went inside where we have to go and follow our instructors to the zoo when we got inside we talked about the zoo and about native animals but the zoo keepers introduce themselves to Glenbrae School their names were
Laura, Richard and John. Laura told us to go to our 3 groups and my group went with laura and we went to the native birds when we went inside where the cool birds were there were kakapos and some other cool birds.
Next we went with John and my group went to were the kea and weka is when we got inside the kea was hiding under the log and John said if u speak loud or shout they might hide and we were quiet when we were walking around we saw 4 keas and that you know that when the kea shout it sounds like its similar to its name but we were mostly talk about keas but not about a weka’s and we were kind of talking about weka’s.
Afterward we went with richard we went and visited the night animal after that we were talking about owl and a owl lives in a tree up to 2 or 3 years and then we went in were the kiwis are when we were inside it was dark because kiwi only come out when its dark and they don’t come out when it’s morning but when we were in there it was a bit hard to see the kiwis but i saw about 2 kiwis running sideways and hiding when we saw the kiwis it was time to go back and have some lunch.
Next we had only 2 hours to go and visit other places after we went and look at the hippo’s
and the hippo’s were hiding in the water. Then we went and looked at the spider monkeys and the spider monkeys were funny because they were hanging with their tails. After we went and took a look at the giraffes but the giraffes were so tall and they were some little giraffes too.
Next we saw some cheetahs but it seem that the cheetahs was lying on the ground.Then we went to the lion’s but we only could see 1 lion but it was cool looking at the lion.Then my group went back to where we go back to the bus when we got back the zoo trip was very fun and funny but it was very fantastic i enjoyed visiting the zoo.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Endangered animals

Today i was reading about ENDANGERED animals it is a very good book to read and its about keeping animals safe.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tracking animals

Today i was reading a book from sunshine online and it was a very cool book and it was about people tracking land animal and sea animals
and they track animals from the sky and on land.