Monday, 31 July 2017

Projectile Motion

What is Projectile motion ? When an object is in the air, it becomes a projectile suck as balls, javelins and people.

What are the three parts of the pm? Angle of release. Height of release. Speed of release.

Explain the activity this morning related to pm. How Stephen Curry's Angle of Release , Height of Release and his Speed of Release. If it wasn't for these 3 parts. He wouldn't be as good as he is right now. We had to do an activity , it was a rubber band & a paper. We just flicked the paper around to see how far it could go & how good is our Release,Speed,Height.


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Angela Gattung said...

Kia ora Moli, going by the photos, I guess Stephen Curry is a basketballer. Is there an optimum angle of release, height of release and speed of release for a basketballer that will get the ball through the hoop or does it depend on things like distance from the hoop for example?

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