Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bio Poem Activity

Enthusiastic, cool and keen
Lover of racing, boxing and gaming
Who wonders when the world will end
Who fears injuries, getting knocked out, snakes
Who feels enthusiastic when playing rugby, boxing and racing
Who is able to beat the members in my rugby team
Who would like to be more skillful and interesting to others
Who dreams of being a professional boxer that will travel around the world
boxing gloves.jpgspeed.jpgrugby ball.jpg


Stephanie Parker said...

Great work Moli, you are very athletic! I too play touch rugby, and sometimes do boxing for fitness, it is very hard work. Good luck with your dreams, you will need to train hard!
Mrs Parker

Alexander Lennoz said...

Great work Moli, you are very athletic.I think you would be a great boxer when you are older but you will need to train harder.


Alexander Lennoz said...

Its me James
Hi Moli what you need is a boxing bag so you can punch the fluff out of the boxing bag

Chris G said...

That is a cool boxing gloves.

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