Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Tag reflection

On the 21st of September we played Tag for our activity. Couple of the rules of tag is that you will would only have 2 tags on you, one of the left & one of the right. Your not allowed to use your arms to push them away if and attacker tries to rip your tag, Its just like playing touch but with tags. But yeah its a really fun game to play & you will enjoy playing it.

1st factor is Well being

2nd factor is Skill level

3rd factor Previous experiment

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Turbo Touch

Today we played turbo touch for our 1.2 assessment. The rules of the game were, Tap the ball with your feet, 2 meters away from the player tapping the ball, give them 2 seconds, to score there is a rectangle you need to place the ball in, you cannot stay inside the rectangle you need to catch the ball or walk over & score it in the rectangle to get a point. I think I got an merit because I participated & came with correct gear. I enjoyed playing turbo because most people were playing & I wanted to challenge. I would like to play it another time but this time with another team.

I grade myself as a Merit because I was motivated and was reliable in the practical context. Another one is because I was working hard towards my goal. I showed enjoyment during the activity.

1st factor was Competition because I had some people that played knew how to play the game & they were pretty good. Thought we would beat them but I thought wrong, I wanted to play more because they were a competition & I like challenging people. +

2nd factor was Enjoyment because I really like playing Turbo touch , What I like about it is that you can pass the ball forward & backwards. I kept playing it cause I just loved the sport. +

3rd factor was Skill level because of how I already know how to play the game & Im really good at it, I have good passing & good at stepping, using strategy's. I kept on playing because I really enjoy playing turbo touch. +
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Monday, 11 September 2017

Fitness suite circuit

On the 7th August we did fitness suite circuit. Were we go into the gym & we had 8 stations to complete in 45 seconds in 2 rounds but their were actually 3 but the last round was only 20 seconds. A circuit is variety of rounds. I think I got a merit because I participated & did really well in the activity. It was really tiring, Exhausted. But really had a good time in the gym , gain something more strength.

I grade myself an Merit because I was resourceful during the hard work tools inside the gym & I was aiming to complete my work & I was trying my best.

1st factor was Fitness because we were working on how fit we are & how our muscles would work, & how it functions. To me it was pretty tiring though the 2 rounds in 45 seconds because there were 2 station that made me tired the most. It was the Bicep station that made my arms really sore & the ZigZag station that made my legs sore because I kept pushing myself even though I could walk it but instead I sprinted for as long as I could go for. It was a great time & I wanted it to keep going cause I really enjoyed it.

2nd factor was Challenging because I don't try these fitness when i'm going to the gym. First time doing these kind of Stations, If I was to go to the gym I would just work on my arms or my chest. The challenging part are keeping your fitness up & trying to do as much as you can on every station, I hated going around, I just liked staying on the Cycles because that was the easiest. It was a good experience for me. I hope to do it another time.

3rd factor Fun because of how I kept on continuing to participate in this activity & I loved going to the gym, I go to the gym because I wanna work out more & get some of my muscles bigger. I wanted to just stay in the gym & do more, my favorite station was the (BICEP/TRICEP) station because I that's what I normally do when I go gym. I had a really great time in the Gym for our activity I want to do it again & I hope to do something else in there.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wheel chair basketball

23 of august we played Wheel chair basketball & we had 2 people to come to Tamaki college to teach us year 11's how to play wheel chair basketball. I participated in playing the sport, It was pretty hard because of how to control the wheel chair while you hold an basketball or try to bounce the basketball. Shooting it was hard cause of how your down low & normally when you play basketball without wheel chairs you could just lay it up by jumping, nut in the situation you cannot jump, you would have to try shoot it in the hoop. It was funny & tiring. Tiring because of chasing the ball & sniping the wheel chair to move.

I grade myself an achieve because I was organised and prepared for the activity. I was actively involved in the task. I tried to improve through practicing in how to play wheel chair basketball.

1st factor was Challenging because When I always get the ball I couldn't really get a shot in the hoop & trying to control the wheel chair while you hold the basketball or bounce the basketball. The hard thing about using the wheel chair is you use a lot of energy is spinning the wheels on the chair. Because it was challenging it made me wanna play more to get better at it & so that I can achieve.

2nd factor was Injured because on how I got injured. I got injured my thumb, how it happened was that I caught the ball & I went for a lay up & to people collided with 2 people and when I let go of shooting the ball I dropped my hand back on the wheel & tried to follow where the ball went but the 2 guys clashed into my thumb & it really sore. My thumb was okay but I couldn't really play anymore until another hour, but If i tried to play in that hour I could sill feel the pain. I stopped playing because I couldn't play. I felt gutted cause I was having a lot of fun but still I had some fun.

3rd factor was Fun because on how amazing the sport was & on how you can still play basketball on wheel chairs if you couldn't walk anymore. When they were teaching us how to lay up, Passing, Piking up the ball of the ground. My favorite one was laying the ball, because Its pretty hard because you would need to control the wheel chair while laying up, other than that it was really fun & it was really enthusiastic. This made me play more cause I was having fun carrying the ball & trying to get a shot in.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Childhood games

The activity we had to do was Childhood games. The  5 child hood games. Activity's I participated was Leapfrog which I kind of had fun playing because It was funny hoping over people. The 2nd activity I played was octopus, I loved playing it because I was good at it. 3rd activity was hopscotch which was a hard game for me but I wasn't really interested at it so I stop playing it. 4th activity I played 4-square, It was hard but I kept on playing to get better.  

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I grade myself as a Merit because of how I showed enjoyment of the intent of the activity. I was working hard towards my goal. Seeking for another way to be good at the activity that I ain't good me.

1st factor was that I had a challenge playing 4-square, I have never been good at playing 4-square. I wanted to keep playing because I suck at the game and I want to get better at it. It was a okay game for me because I wanted to get better & it was a challenging game but I had fun.

2nd factor was Skill level because whenever I play hopscotch I could never get any further then the number 7 square because I couldn't get it in the square when I tried to throw the rock. It made me not want to play it anymore because I hate missing the same number I never get. But I had fun at the same time and angry.

3rd factor was Previous experience playing octopus was awesome because I would always be the first one to put my hand up to be a tagger. The reason why I want to be a tagger is because I know I can get people out fast & I just want to get the people I hate first out. But now when I played octopus in our activity for p.e, I still wanted to be a tagger. I loved playing octopus because I could get anyone out. I had lots of fun & laughter after getting everyone out.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Projectile Motion

What is Projectile motion ? When an object is in the air, it becomes a projectile suck as balls, javelins and people.

What are the three parts of the pm? Angle of release. Height of release. Speed of release.

Explain the activity this morning related to pm. How Stephen Curry's Angle of Release , Height of Release and his Speed of Release. If it wasn't for these 3 parts. He wouldn't be as good as he is right now. We had to do an activity , it was a rubber band & a paper. We just flicked the paper around to see how far it could go & how good is our Release,Speed,Height.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bench ball

In my P.e class we had to play this game called Bench ball & how you would play this game is that the equipment you'll need is:

1. Cones

2. Doge balls

3. 2 Bench

So you would put as many cones as you want in the middle of the court, and then you give as many doge balls as you want to each team. There can only be 2 teams on the court so to win the game is you'll need to get 4 people onto the bench and to get a team mate to get to your enemy bench is that in the beginning of the you only could have 1 team mate to get on the other teams bench.  If you pass the cones the opposite team can tag you and then you would have to back to your own side.
  • What level or effort and engagement were participating at during today's physical activity
I reckon I was on the Achieve level because I participated in the activity & I didn't bring all my gear. But I still participated.  
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation?
1. Fun because I had heaps of fun playing the sport cause It was so cool throwing the ball to get them out & to get people back on to your side. I wanted to play more of it cause It was really fun.

2. Competition 

3. Well being

Explain how these factors affected your participation?

I picked those 3 factors, first one I picked was ( Fun ) I picked because it was really amazing and awesome.