Friday, 25 July 2014


On fridays our class goes to Tamaki college to learn digital technology. Hangarau is the maori word for technology. When we are in class, we have to use the kiore and the papa patuhi to log on to the rorohiko. On the rorohiko we have to use the ipurangi to log into the pae tukutuku for digital Technology. Every week we access the maramataka to know what task we will do sometimes our teacher will send us messages on our imera. Sometimes our teacher will give use dojo points on her waea pukoro, or she might also use her waea pukoro to take photo of us working. At school and home some of us use the rorohiko ponaho to do our work.

Nga kupu hou-new words:

Rorohiko Ponaho-Laptop
Waea Pukoro-Cell Phone
Papa Patuhi-Keyboard

Pae Tukutuku-Websites

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Badminton Session

Today at 9:40 we had our last lesson with Robby(Our Coach)and what we did on the last day was we had a tournament for the whole session, what we did first was have a game of stuck in the mud to get ready for our badminton. After our game stuck in the mud we got in pairs my partner was Siosifa, we got our rackets,shuttles. When we got our rackets and shuttles we started to play badminton,It was fun, exciting, funny and i had a good time.