Thursday, 27 June 2013

Spooky Story

It was a dark cold night, “I heard something banging at the wall”. I got scared and I was shivering and it was scary as a spooky clown. Then something banged at the door then “I heard noises smash smash” . After something fell down outside I went to look outside at the window but I saw someone.

Then I went back to my room I was thinking who did i see. It had sharp nails and sharp teeth. Then the lights went off I ran to the room to get a torch I found a torch I turned on the torch I looked everywhere but the Beast  wasn't there. After I walked around the house then I saw it again it ran fast as a cheetah I ran to the kitchen I grabbed a knife.                                      

Then I ran under the bed I looked for the Beast I turned off my light I was quit then the Beast came through  the door.Then I ran outside then I LOCKED the door  I ran to the door and tried to open the door then it broke the door after I ran to the back door it didn't open after I went down the basement I LOCKED the door I tried to find away out of the basement.

Then I saw a window I cracked the window but the problem was it was too small I could not fit but the Beast was still trying to break the door open it got angry and the door almost broke open but i still tried  to get out then i just fit in the window then the Beast broke the door then i got out and ran and tried to get help but the Beast wasn't dead then a car came and it was a man in a truck then me and him and I went home.THE END 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Soccer Game

Today we did soccer on the court and we played a game. There were 4 teams.  Each team had a colour red,blue,  yellow  and there was no bibs. My team was the yellow team and we each had a turn playing a game of soccer. The blue team went on and the red team went off.  When we started we were bursting and we were keen. They ran as fast as the wind and they kicked the ball as fast as a soccer player. Then the non bibs went on and they were passing the ball and getting goals. Then my team went on we were dribbling the ball, working as a team, using skills and getting each turn with the ball.At the end we were sweaty and thirsty but we had a good.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Soccer Practice

Today we did soccer practice on the court. We did some stepping and dribbling with the ball. Then we played a soccer game. You had to  hit the cones to get points. We only had 5 more minutes.Then both teams had no points.But in the end it was a good game.  

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Snow Race

Today I read this story about Snow racing. They have racing in the snow. They all have a race out of all of them who will win.

Soccer Practice

Today on the court we had soccer practice with our coach Ben. We had a game called octopus to warm us up. Then he taught us how to juggle the soccer ball using our feet. We practised this skill.  Later we played a game of soccer using kicking and dodging skills. The game ended in a draw. It was a good game.