Thursday, 27 June 2013

Spooky Story

It was a dark cold night, “I heard something banging at the wall”. I got scared and I was shivering and it was scary as a spooky clown. Then something banged at the door then “I heard noises smash smash” . After something fell down outside I went to look outside at the window but I saw someone.

Then I went back to my room I was thinking who did i see. It had sharp nails and sharp teeth. Then the lights went off I ran to the room to get a torch I found a torch I turned on the torch I looked everywhere but the Beast  wasn't there. After I walked around the house then I saw it again it ran fast as a cheetah I ran to the kitchen I grabbed a knife.                                      

Then I ran under the bed I looked for the Beast I turned off my light I was quit then the Beast came through  the door.Then I ran outside then I LOCKED the door  I ran to the door and tried to open the door then it broke the door after I ran to the back door it didn't open after I went down the basement I LOCKED the door I tried to find away out of the basement.

Then I saw a window I cracked the window but the problem was it was too small I could not fit but the Beast was still trying to break the door open it got angry and the door almost broke open but i still tried  to get out then i just fit in the window then the Beast broke the door then i got out and ran and tried to get help but the Beast wasn't dead then a car came and it was a man in a truck then me and him and I went home.THE END 

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