Friday, 30 May 2014

Long Bay Rocky Shores

Yesterday  Room 10 went to Long Bay. We went there in a bus and it took 1 hour to get long bay but we had fun talking to each other in the bus and have a sleep in the bus. When we got there we saw our instructors then we went and sat on the ground so that we can listen what our instructors say then they told us their names and there were 3 of them and 2 were a lady and one was a man but the names of the instructor are James, Laura and Morein. After We went with our instructor and our instructor was Laura.

Next what we did was go and find different kind of fish or animals in the sea. When we were looking for animals in the sea suddenly Jack fous aye kina then i saw another kina they were stuck in this small hole in the rocks but jack tried to get it out but could get it out but Laura said that “ if it stays there and you cant get it out. what you do is to not force it to come off because it might want to stay there” But then we had to go and put them back to them back to where we found it but we had fun looking at different and while we were walking back we saw a big jelly fish on the sand and it was very limy but we keep going back to have our lunch.

When we finished our lunch we had another lesson and we went and looked for what is biodiversity around the sea. When my group was looking for stuff that does not belong on the beach and in the sea. After my group found some rubbish but what we found was some plastic bottle cap and something  weird we found was a worm that came out of its shell and it looked plastic but it was hard but i thought it was plastic but we took it. Then we went back to show Laura our biodiversity equipment. Next when we got back we had a game that if we had anything from the book we get a point but it was a bit fun because we had cool stuff from the book but my group got some points but we had fun playing the game.After we had to sit down and go back to school and everyone had a fun time there and it was cool finding different creatures in the sea.  

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Stephanie Parker said...

Moli, your writing is coming a long way. I hope that you can carry these skills onto our explanation genre also.
I like the way that you are beginning to your sentence beginnings and use time linking 'connectives': next, then, when, after. Try adding others too, therefore, consequently, however... we will work on these next week. I also like how you have touched on some of the 'big ideas': Biodiversity pollution, conservation... try delving into them further in your explanation writing.
Malo lava taumafai
Mrs Parker

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