Monday, 31 July 2017

Projectile Motion

What is Projectile motion ? When an object is in the air, it becomes a projectile suck as balls, javelins and people.

What are the three parts of the pm? Angle of release. Height of release. Speed of release.

Explain the activity this morning related to pm. How Stephen Curry's Angle of Release , Height of Release and his Speed of Release. If it wasn't for these 3 parts. He wouldn't be as good as he is right now. We had to do an activity , it was a rubber band & a paper. We just flicked the paper around to see how far it could go & how good is our Release,Speed,Height.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bench ball

In my P.e class we had to play this game called Bench ball & how you would play this game is that the equipment you'll need is:

1. Cones

2. Doge balls

3. 2 Bench

So you would put as many cones as you want in the middle of the court, and then you give as many doge balls as you want to each team. There can only be 2 teams on the court so to win the game is you'll need to get 4 people onto the bench and to get a team mate to get to your enemy bench is that in the beginning of the you only could have 1 team mate to get on the other teams bench.  If you pass the cones the opposite team can tag you and then you would have to back to your own side.
  • What level or effort and engagement were participating at during today's physical activity
I reckon I was on the Achieve level because I participated in the activity & I didn't bring all my gear. But I still participated.  
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation?
1. Fun

2. Competition 

3. Well being

Explain how these factors affected your participation?

I picked those 3 factors, first one I picked was ( Fun ) I picked because it was really amazing and awesome.


The activity we had was exercise the equipment that were used:

Weight bag:

Push ups:

Sit ups:

Calf raise:  

The Weight bag was used for doing squats which makes your Gastrocnemius & your Quadrecipes , the 

The Push ups makes the muscle Pectorals major inside your body

The Sit ups were made to make your Rectus Abdominis

The Calf raise makes your gastrocnemius

Agonist is shorter

Antagonist is longer

Sepak Takraw

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in.
Today at P.E how a go with a game called Sepak Takraw its a Philippine game that they play & its like volley ball but in this sort of game you use your Feet & your head. 

Image result for sepak takraw

  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during.
I think I am A because I participated & It was fun & very hard to control the ball, if you tried to pass the ball it would take you along time to think of a how you could pass the ball or how you could get it over.

  • What were three factors which influenced your participation?
Skill level (Positive) Enjoyment (Positive) Equipment (Positive)

  • Explain how these factors affected your participation?

I need to get better at passing the ball & getting the ball over the net. Need to control the ball, serve the ball, kick the ball. The is game is fun but very hard to play, Using shoes would be easier cause when you keep kicking the ball with your feet it'll be sore so wearing shoes is better. ( Sports shoes ).

200 Challenge

My P.E class did the 200 challenge.

200 Squats.
200 Sit up.
20 meter run 20 times.

We had to get into partners, & what we had to do is do 200 squats first & whenever your friend would get tired you could switch & let him do half & you do the rest whenever he's tired.
Image result for 200 squats
After doing that you would do the 200 sit ups & just do as much as you can then switch.
Image result for 200 sit ups

Next you would run the meter 20 times.
Image result for 20 meter run

It was really tiring but it as good exercise & It was awesome as well to do. People should try this.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ultimate Frisbee

  • Activity today was Frisbee. How we played was we had 2 teams , theirs a Frisbee you have in your hand & you'll have to try get someone on the enemy teams side across the line & they need to catch the Frisbee inside that line. 

  • What level did I get, I reckon I got a A for Achieve because I didn't quiet play the activity cause I couldn't feel the buzz.  But I played it for abit & it was pretty boring.

  • The three factor I pick is ( Environment, Well being, Previous experience . I choose these three factor because Environment was the wind that kept blowing away the Frisbee & that made it harder for us to capture the Frisbee. 

  •  How can I try to increase this. I could try Bringing my gear. Participate in the activity more.  

Image result for ultimate frisbee

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Skeleton Body.

This is a skeleton body and the what the bones are called.

You have 208 bones inside you.

You had to make the bones with the P.e gears.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Blogging questions

What are your previous experiences with blogging? 

The last time I blog was when I was in Digi Tech & primary I liked blogging.

How do you think blogging impacts on your learning?

Blogging impacts my learning because people around the world could see my work & people from my school & other schools could give me feed back on how I could fix the incorrect stuff I did.

How do you feel about blogging? Why?

What I feel about blogging is that its cool cause everyone could see what you've done & see that your trying to pass your NCEA Level & how you get better & better at blogging. So I really like blogging. 

ChopSticks - P.E

April 10th 2017

In our Physical activity assessment we learnt this new game , Called "ChopSticks"

So how this game goes is that you have 4 cones in each corner and a puck in the middle of the 4 cones, there would be 2 teams & the 2 teams have 2 Pucks to protect in the 4 cones. The only way they can win is to get 1 or both Pucks to there side, inside the 4 cones where there pucks were. But the only way you can get it across is that you need to 2 people to lift it up the Puck across with your hockey stick, you cannot hit the Puck , you cannot not use your hands , you have to lift it across using your hockey stick. If you drop it you need to take it back. If you get tagged you will take it back inside the cones.


1. Hockey stick

2. 16 cones

3. 4 Pucks

Set it up:

1. Put the 4 cones in 4 corners

2. Put the Pucks in the middle of the 4 cones

Its a Outdoor or Indoor game.

  • What level or effort and engagement were participating at during today's physical activity

I think I am Achieve because I came with my correct P.E gear. I used my own strategy during the game, when i was watching the other team play, I just thought of a way to try get the Puck over & faster. I kept playing when my leg was sore, the Puck because the rules changed & it got more exciting & funny but it was painful but I wanted to ACHIEVE!.

  • What were three factors which influenced your participation?

1. Equipment

2. Well being

3.  Challenge

Explain how these factors affected your participation?

I picked those 3 factors because , I will always need my gear to participate in the activity thats been explain & cause i'll need to be well behaved during the game while were playing & because I might ruin it for other people. Last factor I picked was "Challenge" , cause sometimes I think the game is too easy & I might just need something harder, like next time make it harder. I always need to complete my goals. I wanted to play the game more & I liked it alot.