Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ultimate Frisbee

  • Activity today was Frisbee. How we played was we had 2 teams , theirs a Frisbee you have in your hand & you'll have to try get someone on the enemy teams side across the line & they need to catch the Frisbee inside that line. 

  • What level did I get, I reckon I got a A for Achieve because I didn't quiet play the activity cause I couldn't feel the buzz.  But I played it for abit & it was pretty boring.

  • The three factor I pick is ( Environment, Well being, Previous experience . I choose these three factor because Environment was the wind that kept blowing away the Frisbee & that made it harder for us to capture the Frisbee. 

  •  How can I try to increase this. I could try Bringing my gear. Participate in the activity more.  

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