Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Turbo Touch

Today we played turbo touch for our 1.2 assessment. The rules of the game were, Tap the ball with your feet, 2 meters away from the player tapping the ball, give them 2 seconds, to score there is a rectangle you need to place the ball in, you cannot stay inside the rectangle you need to catch the ball or walk over & score it in the rectangle to get a point. I think I got an merit because I participated & came with correct gear. I enjoyed playing turbo because most people were playing & I wanted to challenge. I would like to play it another time but this time with another team.

I grade myself as a Merit because I was motivated and was reliable in the practical context. Another one is because I was working hard towards my goal. I showed enjoyment during the activity.

1st factor was Competition because I had some people that played knew how to play the game & they were pretty good. Thought we would beat them but I thought wrong, I wanted to play more because they were a competition & I like challenging people. +

2nd factor was Enjoyment because I really like playing Turbo touch , What I like about it is that you can pass the ball forward & backwards. I kept playing it cause I just loved the sport. +

3rd factor was Skill level because of how I already know how to play the game & Im really good at it, I have good passing & good at stepping, using strategy's. I kept on playing because I really enjoy playing turbo touch. +
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