Monday, 11 September 2017

Fitness suite circuit

On the 7th August we did fitness suite circuit. Were we go into the gym & we had 8 stations to complete in 45 seconds in 2 rounds but their were actually 3 but the last round was only 20 seconds. A circuit is variety of rounds. I think I got a merit because I participated & did really well in the activity. It was really tiring, Exhausted. But really had a good time in the gym , gain something more strength.

I grade myself an Merit because I was resourceful during the hard work tools inside the gym & I was aiming to complete my work & I was trying my best.

1st factor was Fitness because we were working on how fit we are & how our muscles would work, & how it functions. To me it was pretty tiring though the 2 rounds in 45 seconds because there were 2 station that made me tired the most. It was the Bicep station that made my arms really sore & the ZigZag station that made my legs sore because I kept pushing myself even though I could walk it but instead I sprinted for as long as I could go for. It was a great time & I wanted it to keep going cause I really enjoyed it.

2nd factor was Challenging because I don't try these fitness when i'm going to the gym. First time doing these kind of Stations, If I was to go to the gym I would just work on my arms or my chest. The challenging part are keeping your fitness up & trying to do as much as you can on every station, I hated going around, I just liked staying on the Cycles because that was the easiest. It was a good experience for me. I hope to do it another time.

3rd factor Fun because of how I kept on continuing to participate in this activity & I loved going to the gym, I go to the gym because I wanna work out more & get some of my muscles bigger. I wanted to just stay in the gym & do more, my favorite station was the (BICEP/TRICEP) station because I that's what I normally do when I go gym. I had a really great time in the Gym for our activity I want to do it again & I hope to do something else in there.

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Georgia Dougherty said...

Moli, what an awesome reflection! You have been very honest and used lots of examples throughout to support what you were saying. One thing to think about for the future would be to possibly include a picture or two. Otherwise, this is the best reflection you've written so far. Looking forward to reading more. Miss D :)

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