Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Childhood games

The activity we had to do was Childhood games. The  5 child hood games. Activity's I participated was Leapfrog which I kind of had fun playing because It was funny hoping over people. The 2nd activity I played was octopus, I loved playing it because I was good at it. 3rd activity was hopscotch which was a hard game for me but I wasn't really interested at it so I stop playing it. 4th activity I played 4-square, It was hard but I kept on playing to get better.  

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I grade myself as a Merit because of how I showed enjoyment of the intent of the activity. I was working hard towards my goal. Seeking for another way to be good at the activity that I ain't good me.

1st factor was that I had a challenge playing 4-square, I have never been good at playing 4-square. I wanted to keep playing because I suck at the game and I want to get better at it. It was a okay game for me because I wanted to get better & it was a challenging game but I had fun.

2nd factor was Skill level because whenever I play hopscotch I could never get any further then the number 7 square because I couldn't get it in the square when I tried to throw the rock. It made me not want to play it anymore because I hate missing the same number I never get. But I had fun at the same time and angry.

3rd factor was Previous experience playing octopus was awesome because I would always be the first one to put my hand up to be a tagger. The reason why I want to be a tagger is because I know I can get people out fast & I just want to get the people I hate first out. But now when I played octopus in our activity for p.e, I still wanted to be a tagger. I loved playing octopus because I could get anyone out. I had lots of fun & laughter after getting everyone out.

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