Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wheel chair basketball

23 of august we played Wheel chair basketball & we had 2 people to come to Tamaki college to teach us year 11's how to play wheel chair basketball. I participated in playing the sport, It was pretty hard because of how to control the wheel chair while you hold an basketball or try to bounce the basketball. Shooting it was hard cause of how your down low & normally when you play basketball without wheel chairs you could just lay it up by jumping, nut in the situation you cannot jump, you would have to try shoot it in the hoop. It was funny & tiring. Tiring because of chasing the ball & sniping the wheel chair to move.

I grade myself an achieve because I was organised and prepared for the activity. I was actively involved in the task. I tried to improve through practicing in how to play wheel chair basketball.

1st factor was Challenging because When I always get the ball I couldn't really get a shot in the hoop & trying to control the wheel chair while you hold the basketball or bounce the basketball. The hard thing about using the wheel chair is you use a lot of energy is spinning the wheels on the chair. Because it was challenging it made me wanna play more to get better at it & so that I can achieve.

2nd factor was Injured because on how I got injured. I got injured my thumb, how it happened was that I caught the ball & I went for a lay up & to people collided with 2 people and when I let go of shooting the ball I dropped my hand back on the wheel & tried to follow where the ball went but the 2 guys clashed into my thumb & it really sore. My thumb was okay but I couldn't really play anymore until another hour, but If i tried to play in that hour I could sill feel the pain. I stopped playing because I couldn't play. I felt gutted cause I was having a lot of fun but still I had some fun.

3rd factor was Fun because on how amazing the sport was & on how you can still play basketball on wheel chairs if you couldn't walk anymore. When they were teaching us how to lay up, Passing, Piking up the ball of the ground. My favorite one was laying the ball, because Its pretty hard because you would need to control the wheel chair while laying up, other than that it was really fun & it was really enthusiastic. This made me play more cause I was having fun carrying the ball & trying to get a shot in.

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