Wednesday, 12 July 2017

200 Challenge

My P.E class did the 200 challenge.

200 Squats.
200 Sit up.
20 meter run 20 times.

We had to get into partners, & what we had to do is do 200 squats first & whenever your friend would get tired you could switch & let him do half & you do the rest whenever he's tired.
Image result for 200 squats
After doing that you would do the 200 sit ups & just do as much as you can then switch.
Image result for 200 sit ups

Next you would run the meter 20 times.
Image result for 20 meter run

It was really tiring but it as good exercise & It was awesome as well to do. People should try this.

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Charday Liddicoat said...

Awesome post Moli, I like how you made it very simple for people to follow. Youforgot to give our self a "Achieve" or a "Merit" and explained why you give your self this, therefore it would be easier for Miss to understand and know why you give yourself that grade. Also to check your spelling. Read through your post a couple of times before posting it up.

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