Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bench ball

In my P.e class we had to play this game called Bench ball & how you would play this game is that the equipment you'll need is:

1. Cones

2. Doge balls

3. 2 Bench

So you would put as many cones as you want in the middle of the court, and then you give as many doge balls as you want to each team. There can only be 2 teams on the court so to win the game is you'll need to get 4 people onto the bench and to get a team mate to get to your enemy bench is that in the beginning of the you only could have 1 team mate to get on the other teams bench.  If you pass the cones the opposite team can tag you and then you would have to back to your own side.
  • What level or effort and engagement were participating at during today's physical activity
I reckon I was on the Achieve level because I participated in the activity & I didn't bring all my gear. But I still participated.  
  • What were three factors which influenced your participation?
1. Fun because I had heaps of fun playing the sport cause It was so cool throwing the ball to get them out & to get people back on to your side. I wanted to play more of it cause It was really fun.

2. Competition 

3. Well being

Explain how these factors affected your participation?

I picked those 3 factors, first one I picked was ( Fun ) I picked because it was really amazing and awesome.

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