Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bio Poem About Anthony

Anthony Latu
Uplifted, willing, curious
Lover of rugby, boxing, video gaming
Who wonders when we die
Who fears injuries, snakes, mountain lions
Who feels excited when they play rugby and boxing
Who is able to completely beat me at a boxing match
Who would like to learn more skills about rugby games
Who dreams of being an excellent rugby player or a rugby star
Uplifted, enthusiastic

images (1).jpgboxing .jpg

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Today I learnt to present my data as a line graph and an area graph

Bio Poem Activity

Enthusiastic, cool and keen
Lover of racing, boxing and gaming
Who wonders when the world will end
Who fears injuries, getting knocked out, snakes
Who feels enthusiastic when playing rugby, boxing and racing
Who is able to beat the members in my rugby team
Who would like to be more skillful and interesting to others
Who dreams of being a professional boxer that will travel around the world
boxing gloves.jpgspeed.jpgrugby ball.jpg

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lost Backpacker-Reading

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. Where did Mr Chen go walking?Cheng Chen went for a walk in National Park, Ruapehu
  2. What three things did Mr Chen NOT take with him on his walk?He did not take any gear food water.
  3. How long did it take for anyone to notice that Mr Chen was missing?It took about three days to find Mr Chen.
  4. It says Mr Chen declined to elaborate further on his experience” What does elaborate mean?to add details to expand.

Discovering more information Questions: Learn

  1. Imagine that you are Mr Chen and going for the same walk. Use the Department of Convservation website ( to find information on the Tupapakurua Falls Track that Mr Chen walked. whakapapa-area-walking-tracks-565.jpg
    1. How long (distance) is the track, and how long (time) does it take to walk?Distance: 11 km return from Fishers Road parking area
    2. Who is the track recommended for? National Park village.
    3. What are the conditions of the track?Tupapakurua Falls lookout.
  2. Read the Plan and Prepare section.
    1. What two things does it recommend you do before your walk?Plan before you walk into the forest.
    2. What five things does it recommend you take with you on your walk?Water,food,rain coat,Backpack,phone.

  1. Why do you think Mr Chen was embarrassed to talk about his experience? Explain
He was too embarrassed because he did tell anyone where he was going and wasn't prepared.
Summarise:  Create,  Share
  1. Using the information above, write an explanation in full paragraph format of Tupapakurua track, including:Chen went hiking to tupapakurua track and of the track, and on his hike he got lost in tupapakurua tracks.
    1. operations of  what steps you should take before and during your hike.
    2. any other special features including a picture of the track to accompany it.   
Write your explanation paragraphs here:
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Favourite Fruits

This Is our graph about Fruits


An Explanation
Resource: The ups and downs of yoyos
(Read About, Think About Book 1)
Learn  Create  Share

WALT read and understand how an explanation is written. (Structure and language features used in writing explanations)

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. Where was something like a yoyo used as a weapon?At the Filipino Jungle
  2. What was the name of the American toy-maker who decided to make and sell yo yos? Donald F. Dunkin
  3. How many yo yos were being sold each week in 1932?300,000

Comprehension Questions: Learn
     4.   Did the American toy-maker invent yoyos?   No because got the idea from the filipinos    Explain your answer.
     5.   How did people at the London nightclub describe the yoyo? they wanted to have a turn to try a trick.
     6.   Are yoyos only for children? no because parent can use it a well. Explain your answer.

Application Questions: Create, Share
     7.   Name another simple toy that has been popular for many years.Rubikis toy     Explain why it is popular.  
     8.  What question would you ask the woodwork class who made the 372 kilo yoyo?
I wonder if they can make a big basketball hop so when people walk by they can have shot and if they get it in they win a price.