Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Basket Ball

Today we had our last day of basketball with coach Steph but this time what we did was have a real game of basketball but first we had a warm up first our warm up was running to the park and back but it was kind of tiring to run to the park and back. After we finished doing our warm up what we did was play a game that we have to try get the basketball on the netball hoop. Next we went and started a different game where we go and get five people or a random number for people but first we get maybe 3 or 2 people to run to the ball and the other team has to try to get there before the other team get the ball. When we started playing the game it felt really awesome and exciting and tiring but we still kept playing. After the game Room 10 had a very fun  time playing basketball

and it was really fun playing it we had lots of fun.

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Stephanie Parker said...

It's great that you felt all of those things Moli, awesome, excited and tired. That must be what kept you going throughout the games.
Well done.
Mrs Parker.

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