Thursday, 11 July 2013

Soccer Session

Today we had a soccer practice at the court we had a mini tournament we had 6 teams each team had a court we went to our court and played soccer i was in team 1 we went to the first court. Then team 2 came to the second  court. After the third  team went to the third court. After the fourth team went to the fourth court.  

Then we began the game  we were playing soccer and my team was playing group 6 there were no goalies. Then we played soccer we started passing the ball to people they were talking to us to pass the ball they “Said pass pass the ball im here im out said christian . The game was getting fun my teammate passed the ball to me and i kicked the ball as fast as a soccer player kicked the ball.

Then  we got a score then we tried to get another score and my friend were working as a team like a real soccer player team  I  passed it to christian and  then christian got the goal.Then the game was over an team 1 won the game

After my team didn’t lose a game but we had a good and fun day a soccer practice.

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