Friday, 6 September 2013

Monster trucks

Battle of the Monster Trucks
Write down the name of the author -
Who took the photos -

Why are monster trucks awesome?  they crush carsT
What is Bigfoot? It a truck thats crushes cars

What happens at a monster truck competition? It has a challenge at crushing cars

How many monster trucks are in New Zealand? 2

What is the name of the monster truck in New Zealand?Kiwi thunder and bigfoot

Explain what the driver does in a monster truck competition
crushing cars

Research what type and size of tyres monster trucks use
43 inches wide

Pretend you own a monster truck, plan a monster truck competition and invite other monster truck owners to attend. Think about where you will have the competition, when, how much it will cost to watch. Create a poster to advertise your monster truck competition.Grave digger

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