Monday, 21 October 2013

Reading Activity

SJ Part 4 Number 1 2002

1. Recall
How did Chris finally get started into race car driving?Age of 12.

2. Recall
Why do some people think that New Zealand will soon lead the world in motor sports? Because they believe that new zealand will lead.

3. Infer/ Make a Judgement
What kind of a person is Chris? What details in the story lead you to believe this? About chris.

4. What is a sponsor, and why is it important to have one in motor racing?So people can watch them race in motor bikes.

5. What precautions are taken to protect the drivers when they are racing? Concentrate on their driving
In your opinion, do these precautions go far enough to make the sport safe?

6. Use details from the text to tell why the sp[ort is dangerous. Because the formula 1 is fast and the person can fall off the formula 1.

7. What is your opinion of motor sport? Could you see yourself being a formula 1 driver?Test it if its alright to drive. Why or why not would you want to do this sport? Because its fun and i can ride a formula 1 and it fast

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