Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Film Festival

On Wednesday Glenbrae school went to the film festival at the extreme screen at Sylvia Park we watch our school  videos and some other schools videos. After we went into the extreme screen to watched the schools different  movies from different schools we sat on the chair we waited for the movie to come on. The first school was Panmure Bridges movie it was about swimming at school. Then our school it looked cool and exciting. Showed our school video it was about a wolf chasing Angelina from our school it was fun watching it. Next was Stone Fields their movie was about the moon and the sun.When there movie was finish it was Pt England's schools video to watch their movie was about Hairy Maclary from donsinstery it was funny and cool.Then our last movie was at camp at Great Barrier Island It was about when we went swimming in the sea and doing the rope course and the haka it was really fun at camp it was awesome and exciting.          

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