Monday, 10 April 2017

Blogging questions

What are your previous experiences with blogging? 

The last time I blog was when I was in Digi Tech & primary I liked blogging.

How do you think blogging impacts on your learning?

Blogging impacts my learning because people around the world could see my work & people from my school & other schools could give me feed back on how I could fix the incorrect stuff I did.

How do you feel about blogging? Why?

What I feel about blogging is that its cool cause everyone could see what you've done & see that your trying to pass your NCEA Level & how you get better & better at blogging. So I really like blogging. 

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Georgia Dougherty said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging Moli. I am pleased to hear you enjoy blogging! I agree that a great part of blogging is getting feedback from other people outside the classroom. What would you like to include in your blogs in the future? Miss D

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